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A book project that spans more than three years from conception to publication invariably involves the efforts of a lot of people—colleagues, friends, industry counterparts, and publishers. And when the editor is trying to coordinate these efforts across time zones and oceans, the communications challenges and burden on those who have assisted tends to be that much greater.

Although I have tried to acknowledge all those who have helped make this dream a reality, I am aware that I may have forgotten some people At the outset of these acknowledgements I therefore both thank them for their assistance and apologize for my oversight. A few other key supporters of the project preferred to remain anonymous, but I will make my thanks to them public—Thanks!

I must start with my family and friends not only for their support and encouragement, but also for their forbearance. The workload and challenges of this project meant numerous instances of canceled plans, unreturned phone calls, and missed e-mails. My parents, my brother, and four sisters provided a big dose of emotional support and cheerleading when needed.

Everyone I acknowledge in this section helped me achieve this goal, but a handful of people were essential in making this book and website a reality, and therefore deserve special recognition.

From early 2003 to the Spring of 2004, John Spence has been a superb editorial assistant, project manager, and coordinator of many book-related tasks, large and small. He also kept my spirits up during times when the scale of the project seemed overwhelming. John was also of great support in developing many of the elements of, and in writing most of the initial news articles on the site.

Yasue Pai was first editorial assistant for the book and project manager for the site. In 2002, she helped me design the first version of and wrote some of the first copy for the site. Yasue also applied her global outlook and skills in working with contributors around the work. I’ve now worked with Yasue on and off for over a decade, and like everyone else named here, I consider her a friend as much as a collaborator in work projects.

Jim Wiandt, Publisher and Editor of The Journal of Indexes was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the project. He published some earlier versions of several book chapters, and was a steady voice throughout the process, reminding me of the strong need for such a book. He also took on a selfless coordinating role for the project during a particularly challenging period in mid-2003. In addition, Jim provided a substantial amount of last-minute comments on draft chapters in the homestretch of the project. Little did we know at the outset that his involvement in the book project would also result in a business relationship. As noted in the Preface, as we saw the potential and need for an independent indexing website, we decided to increase our collaboration and partnership to develop into a valuable resource for the financial industry.

Christina Polischuk is a former colleague in two previous firms and also worked closely with me on the book project. Through it all, she has been a very good friend. Christina is an amazing reviewer, providing tough but helpful comments and edits, showing deep respect for the reader’s point of view. She also knows indexing from the perspective of both an asset manager and client’s point of view, and improved the message of many parts of the book. For this, the authors of the chapters she helped with and I are very grateful.

Robert Ginis has been a friend and colleague for a dozen years and shares my passion for indexing and global investing. Aside from the chapters and sidebar that we coauthored, Rob generously agreed to review several other chapters. He also was a constant source of encouragement for my efforts on both the book and website project I greatly appreciate his support, and his friendship. Since then, we were partners in building a shared vision for Global Index Strategies LLC. and we are now colleagues in the Global Quantitative Managment area of Northern Trust Global Investments.

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