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Jul 26, 2017 3:29 am. EST  
  HOME > ABOUT US is the official website of the book Active Index Investing, edited by Steven Schoenfeld and published by John Wiley and Sons's Wiley Finance imprint.  It is designed to be the book's 'Electronic Appendix' or 'E-ppendix' and thus help keep the book's extensive content relevant and timely.  The 'E-ppendix' is also accessible at and .  It also serves to supplement the book, which even with its 31 chapters and 688 pages, cannot possibly cover the ever-expanding world of index-based investment.

As noted in the book's preface (excerpted elsewhere on this website), the goal of this site is also to provide an opportunity for the book's readers, contributors and Editor to communicate with eachother, and for questions and debate on the book's topics to evolve.  Thus readers are very much encouraged to submit their feedback on both the book and this site to the Editor, who together with his partners at will make every effort to be responsive.

Active Index Investing's E-ppendix is supported by the content and technology of, the website founded by the book's Editor in 2002.  In fact, was the initial prototype for the book's E-ppendix, but it quickly outgrew that purpose and has been warmly embraced by the indexing community and has since taken on a broader mission, which is described below.   Due to his role and responsibilities at Northern Trust Global Investments, Steven Schoenfeld no longer has editorial input into


IndexUniverse encompasses the world of indexing… and beyond.   The website and related sub-sites cover product and market developments related to index funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), index derivatives (futures/options/swaps), and the sophisticated investment strategies which use these financial tools.   Its goal is to provide the industry’s best news, columns, research, and features about the dynamic field of index-based investing and trading.   Industry professionals, individual investors, business/finance students and academic researchers will find various features targeting their interests and needs.   It aims to be educational, thought-provoking, and most importantly, rigorously independent in our perspective. 

IndexUniverse was founded by Steven Schoenfeld, and is now a global effort, published by Jim Wiandt and supported by a diverse team in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America.    As discussed above, the site was started by Steven as a data and information complement to his book, Active Index Investing, published by Wiley Finance.  As he recognized the need and potential for such a resource, in August 2003, Steven partnered with Jim, who as Editor of The Journal of Indexes similarly recognized the industry’s need for timely, useful and independent information on products and markets. is now the flagship website for The Journal of Indexes, The Exchange Traded Fund Report (ETFR), and supports Steven’s book through this E-ppendix sub-site,     .

Click here to read 'Like Kids in a Sandbox' - a note from the's editors written by Steven Schoenfeld & Jim Wiandt upon the site's expaned launch in in mid-2003.'s FOUNDER's and EDITOR/PUBLISHER's BIOS

Steven Schoenfeld is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of BlueStar Global Investors LLC, a financial services firm specializing in the Israeli capital markets (, and a Strategist at Red Lighthouse Investment Management, a New York-based Registered Investment Advisor ( 

He is a 28-year veteran of the investment management industry, having served in senior fiduciary positions, including as Chief Investment Officer for Global Quantitative Management at Northern Trust, where he oversaw more than $300 billion in index and active equity and fixed income portfolios, and as Head of International Index Equity Management at Barclays Global Investors, where he managed more than $70 billion in developed and emerging market stock index funds, including the initial family of iShares ETFs.

Prior to founding BlueStar, Steven was the Managing Partner of Global Index Strategies LLC, a New York-based consulting firm focused on Index Design and Construction, Asset Allocation and Strategic Investment Policy research, and Capital Market Development. He also served, and continues to serve, as an Investment Strategist at Red Lighthouse Investment Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor which manages efficient and low-cost global investment strategies for high-net worth individuals, foundations and endowments.

From 2004-2009, Steven was the Chief Investment Officer for Global Quantitative Management at Northern Trust Global Investments (NTGI), where he oversaw performance for more than $300 billion in index and enhanced index strategies committed to the world’s major equity and debt markets.  He chaired NTGI’s Global Quantitative Investment Committee and served on the firm’s Investment Policy Committee that established Strategic Asset Allocations for the firm’s high-net worth clients.

At NTGI, Steven helped launch Northern Trust’s first Emerging Market Equity, International Small Cap Equity, and Global Real Estate and Integrated International Equity strategies and spearheaded the development and launch of Northern Trust’s NETS ETF family—the first suite of local benchmark index ETFs in the U.S., including ETFs tracking flagship indexes, such as Japan’s TOPIX, London’s FTSE-100, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, Germany’s DAX, France’s CAC-40, Ireland’s ISEQ-20 and Israel’s TA-25.  Northern closed the NETS funds in February 2009.

Previously, Steven was a Managing Director at Barclays Global Investors (BGI), which is now part of BlackRock. In his six years at BGI, he served in a range of positions focusing on international and global index-based strategies, including as Head of International Equity Product Management, and Chief Investment Strategist and Team Leader of BGI’s International Equity Management Group.  In this latter role, he was responsible for the management of over $70 billion in developed international and emerging market index investments, including BGI’s international and global iShares exchange-traded funds.  He was part of the team that launched the industry’s first Integrated International Equity strategies, seamlessly combining Developed and Emerging Markets, based on the MSCI ACWI ex-US benchmark.   He also served as BGI’s Global Coordinator for Index Methodology, and was a member of BGI’s Global Equity Index Investment Committee.

Earlier in his career, Steven was part of the team at the International Finance Corporation/World Bank that designed the first investable Emerging Market index (now the S&P/IFC Investable Indexes) and launched the first global Emerging Market index fund in a joint venture with State Street Global Investors.

Steven is the editor of Active Index Investing (Wiley Finance, 2004/Toyo Keizai 2006/China Press 2009), the preeminent book on index investing; co-founder of industry website; and co-author of The Pacific-Rim Futures and Options Markets (McGraw-Hill, 1992).

Steven is also the Founder of, an online resource on Israel’s economy, companies and markets. is part of Steven’s larger mission to educate the broader investment community about Israel’s economy and the range of investment opportunities that it presents.

Steven has a BA in History and Government from Clark University, was a Fulbright Scholar in Economics at the National University of Singapore, and has an MA from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).


Jim Wiandt is President of Index Publications, LLC, Editor of the Journal of Indexes, and Publisher of and Exchange-Traded Funds Report.  The Journal of Indexes was originally founded by John Prestbo of Dow Jones Indexes, and has served as the 'book of record' for the index industry since 1999. 

In addition to overseeing the transition of JoI to an independent publication with editorial and financial support from across the index industry, Wiandt also spearheaded a similar effort in which he took on the role of managing Exchange-Traded Funds Report in 2003.  Founded by MARHedge and edited by Marsha Zapson, ETFR had established a position as the leading source of ETF news and data for the ETF industry. Finally, in late 2003, Wiandt joined forces with Steven Schoenfeld, and cemented an agreement that facilitated the evolution of Schoenfeld's Web site, which had been founded to support his book, into a broadly-focused, independent Web site. IndexUniverse now serves as not only the online home of the Journal of Indexes, ETFR and Schoenfeld's book, Active Index Investing, but also has its own editorial team and includes research, tools and data from across the industry.

Wiandt was formerly Publisher of and is the author of Exchange Traded Funds, a book that was published by John Wiley & Sons. Before being hired as Site Editor at, Mr. Wiandt had a diverse and colorful editorial background. Most recently he had served as an editor and writer for Compton's Encyclopedia. There he was responsible for writing and editing mainly content dealing with international finance and global affairs.

Previously he served as a contract journalist in West Africa after serving in the Peace Corps in Niger. He has lived in Boston, New York, London, Spain, Venezuela, West Africa and Japan, serving variously as a teacher, legal assistant, and writer. While in England, he served as an aide in the British Parliament. Wiandt is a 1991 graduate of Tufts University.


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